Taylor’s Healthy Habits: Day 17

Oh man have I been busy these past weeks. I’m separating from the Navy next month so I have been going crazy trying to get all the correct paperwork together.

Even though I was extremely busy, I still found time for a workout. Ranging from 15-25 minutes, the workouts weren’t very hard. Doing something is better than nothing right? With the holiday this past weekend, I got to hear all the fun my family had back in California. All the delicious food, candy and sugary things made me think about how hard it would be for me to stick to a healthy diet surrounded by all that deliciousness. How do you deal with Holidays and eating healthy? Can you celebrate with your family and yet maintain that diet you’ve been working on for the past months?


Destini’s Healthy Habits: Day 11-16… Oops

Talk about slacking. 

Well I’m now in New Orleans, LA after a busy week. I’ll actually be here for another 3 weeks, then Jacksonville, FL to visit Taylor for a week. So I’ll be on the road quite a bit! And let me tell you something, eating healthy on the road is no easy challenge. Luckily. I brought my Crockpot with me (I know, crazy) and a blender to make some protein shakes.

I have been keeping active though. I’ve made it to the gym a couple of times and am able to workout in my hotel room! I actually bought some new running shoes from the Louisiana Running Company today, I am very excited to try them out.

I have also just finished my college classes, which means I have a lot more time to sit around and blog. You’ll be hearing from me more often, don’t you worry.

In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions for eating healthy while living in a hotel?

Btw, the featured image is NOT a healthy meal, lol. Creole style food, had to give it a try. Want to know a secret… it wasn’t that impressive. Sorry New Orleans.